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mixed media portrait now hanging at the 40x40 exhibit at Theatre 39 in San Francisco

Catrina Coatlicue

Christina Cappelletti, MA, MSW
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Being Who I Am Created to Be

15 years ago, nearing the second decade of my human services career, I hosted an Artist's Way book gathering in the local community center. (The Artist's Way, by Julie Cameron, is a twelve chapter course on discovering who you are and taking steps to live up to your dreams. A dangerous book!)

WHAM! The Secret Artist within... the one who had sneaked in the back door of every one of my jobs offering to create newsletters, fliers, posters, therapeutic art...the one that came out at holidays to make gifts for people... the one who held various gatherings in the community as a way to connect creatively with others... she came DANCING on out singing, "Hey! I want to be out front and do my thing! I'm not hiding anymore! Get busy and get me some work!"

So, I got "busy." I enrolled in a multi-media design program at a local college. I was hired as the marketing and graphic design person to help start a computer services company. Within a year, I launched my SoulStudio start-up, Cappelletti Designs, Visual and Community Arts, bringing together my unique blend of public relations and creative design skills for businesses and agencies.

Going yet deeper into my dream a few years later, I set up a studio space in my house and began offering community arts gatherings.

And... I hosted another Artist's Way group -- warning, this book WILL CHANGE your life!

This time, I found myself packing up my pup and bags, and heading out on a Creative Sabbatical in Big Sky Country Colorado -- a part of the country that has inspired me ever since a childhood camping trip opened my mind to the wild west.

My first year in Colorado was spent investing in my arts education -- studying art techniques and theory and developing my skills and style. This was something I wanted to do in my twenties, but was too afraid to try. It was a fantastic sabbatical, I'm very grateful to have taken!

One year turned to two, and I continued my studies, but also expanded and renamed my arts business, SoulStudio Arts, the first phase of my dream studio! I began hosting community art gatherings for new friends in Longmont and writing the curriculum for upcoming art classes and personal development retreats.

In January 2014, I co-founded Kay Carol & Priscila | Gallery and Working Art Studio (KCP Gallery), a then-new community artists' coworking studio in downtown Longmont, Colorado. I moved my SoulStudio there and began teaching classes and hosting retreats. The gallery offered art-making space, display space, teaching, meeting and performance space. It drew emerging and established artists and art-lovers. Today it continues as a vibrant addition to Longmont's downtown arts scene.

From there, I met and joined forces with several leading arts organizations in Longmont. I served the Firehouse Art Center and ArtWalk Longmont as an artist and volunteer. I worked with the Longmont Downtown Creative District and with Arts Longmont, the original arts organization of Longmont.

I found I really enjoyed the creative freedom of contracting and/or volunteering my time as an artist to art organizations while continuing my social justice career. I was hired as the Counseling Supervisor at Boulder Valley Women's Health Center, a full-service reproductive and sexual health center. Working in both the arts and human services feeds my soul.

Now I am back home in Ohio, already beginning to meet new creative and activist friends. This is all to say that taking the risks to follow my heart has resulted in a life of great work surrounded by creative, spirited and courageous people. If you are ready to take your own leap, I am ready to help :>

Living the Dream

Art making has become a regular part of my life. The "Artist Within" is out and proud. My heart and soul have prevailed.

I have years of listening, facilitation, marketing and artistic skills to offer.

Have you got a creative need, project or dream in mind, or just want a boost? Let me help you get it going!

If you'd like to set up an Artist's Way group with me, let me know! ...and don't say I didn't warn you :>