Christina Cappelletti
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Annual Gay Prom, Hayward California

I was hired by Project Eden, Horizon Services Inc., to run the Lambda youth support groups and coordinate the annual "Gay Prom," an community-building event that was designed to provide a safe place for LGBTQ youth and their friends to dance during prom season.

The film clip at the right is a short excerpt about the city council of Hayward's support for the event in the face of hostile opposition from some of the townspeople who demonstrated by their behavior the very need for such an event.

Each year, I facilitated the Lambda youth group members as they selected a theme for the prom to educate about their needs and to "dress to impress" around. I also led the adult volunteer teams who helped make the event happen and "chaperoned" to make sure the youth were protected and having fun.

As an community arts for social justice professional, my work in heading the coordination of the event for several years helped me learn the critical impact that co-creative gatherings have in a community to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge -- bringing people together in support of each other despite differences.

I am very proud to have been part of this ongoing effort to bring beauty and fun to stand against human bigotry and pain.