Christina Cappelletti
Studio: 720.600.3587

Alameda Marketplace First Annual Harvest Festival in 2006, Alameda California

Cappelletti Designs had the pleasure of being the event coordinator assistant for this terrific event, designing the signs, postcards and posters, the prizes wheel and participating in the process of producing the event.

The event was a collaborative effort of all the food and other goods vendors in the Marketplace. It was hard work to coordinate a diversity of personalities, but their overall desire to come together successfully was inspiring. That kind of positivism is truly what makes a community festival memorable and successful.

Donna Layburn, Marketplace Mama, deserves many kudos for all her perseverance. She has a talent for keeping up the faith in her vision, as she collaborates with a wide variety of people to run the marketplace.

Kudos to the Marketplace for setting a fine example of healthy fun in Alameda.


And thanks to Rebecca Stees of ARt YoWZa for photos and slideshow!