Lavender Scrolls Project, Lavender Seniors of the East Bay, San Leandro, California

Christina Cappelletti with Lavender Scrolls

The creating and impact of this exemplary kind of community arts project with human services organizations is deeply exciting to me as an unusually empowering experience for all those involved.

Does your client population have something to say?

Could you use a powerful visual artifact to be created as a vehicle for your clients’ voices and visibility?

I can help!

Christina Cappelletti
Studio: 720.600.3587

I am an Artivist -- a creative services professional who supports social justice by designing and creating dynamic artifacts in cooperation with individuals and organizations to raise awareness in communities about human rights issues.

I am available to work with your organization to assess a voice/visibility need, conceptualize eye-catching design solutions, write up grant proposal language, organize project itinerary, administer project implementation, coordinate staff and volunteers, write up press releases, plan project presentation events, complete evaluations and other project impact summary paperwork, and create a transitional file for future project maintenance by your organization’s staff.

The cost depends on the scope of the project. We begin by meeting about the needs you perceive from your clients and the message you wish to get out to the community. From there, I design a proposal, including cost and timeline estimates.


The Lavender Scrolls Project is a cherished example of the work I love to do with human services organizations. I designed the Lavender Scrolls and coordinated the project team, involving a Personal Historian Photographer and volunteers and staff from the hosts, the Lavender Seniors Center.

The Scrolls are a traveling exhibit of eight life sized self-standing “story” panels featuring photos and excerpts from interviews with a diverse group of 8 LGBTQ elders discussing their lives and things they want others to consider.

Viewers of the Lavender Scrolls express a significant increase in their awareness of LGBTQ elders, how they look, what they have to say, how their lives are, what their needs and rights are and an increased desire to be “allies” to this population. Participants in the project reported feelings of pride, empowerment, and engagement in community activism.