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Christina Cappelletti, MA, MSW
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In 2007, I was introduced to SoulCollage, and quickly found myself drawn in, creating the collaged cards and learning much about myself and those with whom I shared the process. I became certified as a SoulCollage facilitator so that I could offer the workshops in my own communities. Any creative endeavor that deepens our awareness of who we uniquely are is something I believe is a great benefit to us individually and to our communities. And it's FUN!

In here you will see some of my SoulCollage Cards and Teachings. If this approach appeals to you, join my SoulCollage email list so I can invite you to join workshops or gatherings that I host.

SoulCollage is a process of intuitively creating a deck of collaged cards with deep personal meaning that helps you understand yourself more fully and find your own answers to life's questions.

SoulCollage is an expressive arts process invented by Santa Cruz California therapist and artist, Seena Frost, for the nourishment of creativity and self discovery. SoulCollage combines artwork and introspection to increase understanding of your own mythology and creative abilities.

The deck is in four suits: Inner Personality Committee, Animal Companions, Life Community and Council of Archetypes. Each Card has a Teaching, beginning with "I Am One Who..."

Here are some of the Cards in my deck:

SoulEssence | Source | Witness | Banshee  |  Horse | 

MaritesGrief  | El Commandante

You certainly do not need to create these with a facilitator. It does, however, add a remarkable level of insight to create these in a way where others can witness your Cards and your Readings.

I'm always happy to talk about this process and share my cards.

Feel free to connect with me!

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