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Check out my SoulStudio -- a place for exploring and celebrating intercultural arts of the everyday spirit!

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Christina Cappelletti, MA, MSW
Studio: 720.600.3587

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I am an Artivist -- an artist activist and a creative services professional who works with people in realization of freedoms, rights and dreams.

My goal in visual and community arts is individual and community pride and transformation. I seek to work with people who are making the world a better place for a community.

When my clients feel that their vision is expressed faithfully and creatively, their confidence infuses the community at large and change happens.

When participants in my workshops are completely engrossed in what they're creating and then excited to share what they've learned, I feel I'm in service!

Here you will see artworks that communicate presence and purpose meet businesspersons whose vision of vibrant community found expression in public art projects that enlighten and engage experience my vision of visual and community arts to advance your hopes and goals.

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